Infills in Ramot and  Romema

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Infills in Pisgat Ze'ev



מגרש 1 נווה יעקב

Kfar Daniel



מגרש 1 נווה יעקב

Misgav Dov Taba



מגרש 1 נווה יעקב


The extensive project under our management is an

initiative of the Ministry of Construction and Housing to implement vacant lots within the built-up fabric of various sites in the Ramot neighborhood (and one site in the Romema neighborhood), according to a planning method called In-Fill. The complex locations were chosen in cooperation between the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of Housing, and the plans offer residential, commercial and employment construction, with all the accompanying public uses, including meeting needs at the neighborhood level


The Ministry of Planning is responsible for the planning and planning of the planning and construction projects, including planning, planning, economics, traffic, roads, water and sewage, Concurrently with the conduct of public participation procedures vis-a-vis the residents and the community administrations, all in full coordination with the client of Mashav and on his behalf


The project offers a total of about 350 housing units and additional uses in three separate planning units

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