Alona Lifshitz


is an Architect and Town Planner, with a master’s degree in public administration (MPA).


With her varied and intimate experience of urban infrastructure and planning, Alona opened her Jerusalem architects office in the year 2000.


Her office offers expert work in design, consulting and project management for public and non-profit organizations, as well as work in the private sector. Together with a carefully crafted team of urban architects, Alona offers her clients realistic and creative solutions to complicated problems of design and infrastructure. Her acknowledged managerial skills provide the professional and logistical support needed in the area of city building codes and town planning.


Over the past few years, Alona has been involved in a very wide range of projects all over Israel. The innovative fusion of her skills has very quickly brought Alona to the attention of overseas investors who are looking for the ground expertise she offers to ​

Avishai Ben-Abba, Associate Architect


M. Arch. From the University of Oregon, USA.Avishai has many years' experience in all aspects of the profession, especially historical preservation, residential architecture and educational institutions.​

Vera Spivak (Mendelevich), Architect


B.A. in Architecture from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, 1996.​

Living in Jerusalem.

Yair Ben Gad, Architect


B.Arch from the Ariel University (2008).

M.A. in Cultural Studies with expertise in Urban Studies, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem (2015).

Living in Jerusalem.

Nora Anav, Architect


Graduate of the University of Florence, Italy.Emigrated to Israel from Italy in 1997.

Living in Jerusalem.​

Naama Slosman, Architect


Graduate of Irkutsk National Research Technical University, Russia.

Living in Jerusalem.​

Dror Givton, Urban Planner



M.A in Urban Planning, Tel Aviv University.

Volunteering at "Meirim", an NGO for growing the urban planning discourse.

Residing in Ramat Gan.

Ziv Shaked, Secretarial & Accounting


Secretarial & Accounting, Living in Jerusalem.​

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